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Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are an aesthetic dental treatment that offers many advantages. Let’s see some of them:

A quick and easy solution for broken, or crooked teeth.

Following the advice of the specialist, its color and shape properties will not vary over time.

You will not need additional consultations after the treatment, because once you finish the treatment, you will not need maintenance unless you have a problem.

Maintains color for longer, especially in cases of teeth whitening.

They are not noticeable and no one will notice that you are wearing them, especially those of the latest generation, such as the Lumineers 2, Da Vinci ultra-thin, and the Emax.

Solves serious problems of tetracyclines (stains on the teeth), along with teeth whitening is the most effective to restore the smile.

They are very resistant, it is rare for a porcelain veneer to break.

Currently, you have a large number of options to choose from in color and thickness (depending on whether you want more volume in shape or a whiter tone).

And most importantly, you achieve a smile change in no time.

Disadvantages of porcelain veneers

Among the disadvantages that you can find in this treatment are:

Tooth sensitivity is another disadvantage, as some patients may have sensitivity to contact with hot cold.

Depending on the thickness of the veneer, the teeth will not be as white as you expect (it will depend largely on your enamel). If you really want to show off a bright white smile you will need to carry out a teeth whitening treatment.

For some patients, the price can be very high, as they are more expensive than composite ones. Although it must be borne in mind that they are of much higher quality.

In some cases, the veneer implantation treatment is definitive, that is, it is an irreversible treatment. This only occurs in patients in whom an accentuated aesthetic contouring has been necessary to place the veneer.

Veneers cannot be repaired. If any of them are damaged, the doctor should change them for a new one. Some types of veneers are warranted like Lumineers 2. Ask your cosmetic dentist about the warranties available.

If you do not follow the advice of the expert team in dental aesthetics, it can happen that the veneers peel off.
You can have aesthetic or even health problems, such as chips at the edges, gum irritations, protruding edges … This problem will only arise if you put yourself in the hands of a professional not qualified for dental aesthetics and especially for veneers. For this reason, look for a clinic that has a doctor specialized in each area, our specialists at Unicare Dental
Center offers you a professional job free of these inconveniences.

There are people who are not suitable for veneers, so if you suffer from bruxism, set teeth, and/or bite problems, you should not place the veneers until you have been treated by an orthodontist, who approves whether or not you should have veneers.

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