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5 classic tricks so that your children are not afraid of the dentist

1. The earlier the better
Pediatric dental experts recommend taking your children at an early age, this will give your child a ‘dental home’ where all their needs – be it a regular preventive visit or an emergency – will be taken care of. ” Try to schedule the first visit around the first year or when the first tooth is visible, this way your child will get used to the place and the staff and will see them as a normal part of his life.

Here at Unicare Dental Center, we can make a preliminary visit, we will be happy to receive you and your children and give you a tour of our facilities before the first appointment. In this way, children can recognize the place and ask questions, and feel much more confident on the day of their actual appointment.

2. Don’t create expectations
When preparing your child for a visit, try not to give more information than is necessary. For example, “Avoid saying that everything will be fine, because if the child turns out to need treatment, she may lose confidence in you and the dentist.” Also do not mention “this will not hurt”, because the word that the child will hear and confirm that there will be a pain. Use positive words, such as talking about “strong, clean, healthy teeth,” or mention that the dentist is going to find and remove “sugar animals” that live on the teeth.

Please try not to mention words like “injection” or “pain”. Let the experts at Unicare Dental Center explain! We already know a series of proven terms that make children understand what is going to happen without much stress.

3. Visit a pediatric dentist
If possible, be sure to take your child to a children’s dentist. On the one hand, child dentists receive two or more years of specialized instruction after completing dental school and are adept at handling small patients with all their particular needs. On the other hand, children’s dentists’ offices are designed especially for children, with cheerful decorations and toys. Children’s dentists also have special attention such as giving children dark glasses if the light bothers them or lending them a small stuffed animal to calm their nerves. Here at Unicare Dental Center, we will treat your children as part of our family and you will see that they will feel calm and happy to visit us.

4. Do rehearsals at home
Play the dentist and the patient with your child. You will only need a toothbrush. Count your little one’s teeth starting with the number 1 or the letter A, and then show them a mirror to show how the dentist can check his teeth. Change roles, or suggest that the child check and clean the teeth of a toy or doll. The purpose is to get your child comfortable with the routine so that he is prepared for the visit. There are also books and stories for children that help prepare for the visit to the dentist or educational videos on YouTube.

5. Prepare yourself for the visit
If you are afraid of the dentist, your children will unconsciously persecute them. Start by making sure your attitude is neutral or positive, and don’t tell the little ones about your past dental treatments for any reason. Also, be prepared to follow directions: professionals have a lot of experience working with children, and they know what to do. Let the dentist and hygienist do the talking, and if they ask you to come closer, move away, or help hold the child, follow their instructions in a calm and positive way.

With these five points, your child will feel calm and confident to attend his visit to the dentist. We hope to see you soon at our clinic and we will be delighted to receive you. See you soon!

For more information about kids’ dentistry, just contact Unicare Dental Center.