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7 Reasons You Want A Holistic Dentist To Take Care of Your Teeth

Photo by GeorgeRudy on Envato Use of biocompatible dental materials: Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world; so you don’t want to add to your toxic load or create more stress on your immune system through your dentistry. Studies indicate that, at some point, at least twenty percent of dental patients develop sensitivity to dental material. Your holistic dentistry will tend to different tests available to determine which materials are right for you. Painless and natural treatment of…

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Your Trusty, Toothy Friend!

Photo by puhimec on Envato Like it or not, we all know that an important part of our dental care involves regular trips to the dentist, but the foundation of oral hygiene is at home. Brushing and flossing twice a day is not only of the utmost importance in maintaining a healthy and attractive smile, but the tools we use to perform these daily rituals can also make or break beautiful teeth, so don’t pick any old toothbrush, find the one…

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Dental health is an important aspect of your overall health, your appearance, and even your self-esteem. At Unicare Dental Center, our staff understands that, which is why we all work to ensure that your smile is both healthy and beautiful. We have 20 years of experience to offer our patients, so you can have confidence that your dental health, and your children’s dental care, are in good hands

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