A root canal treatment is a very common procedure. It is known that it scares us all, although when we know that another person is going to receive it, it even makes us laugh. But when someone asks about root canal treatment, most of us, even dentists, find that fear or laughter to be absurd, to say the least.

Although many may not know it, root canals have been with us for generations. Many years ago, ancient civilizations used this method to save teeth that would have otherwise been lost. In those cultures, the teeth of queens, kings, pharaohs, and members of the nobility were treated. Peasants’ teeth used to be extracted and then sold to aristocrats.

Many years ago, doctors believed that teeth decayed due to the presence of worms or roundworms. They also thought there were many ways to kill these animals, including rinsing urine from the same patient day and night. Although this sounds very terrible today, this remedy was discarded in 1728 when it was proved ineffective, and replaced by another more accessible one. Over time, doctors found that the best way to end the pain was to clean and remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth.

Root canals are very common these days, and they help save teeth by removing dead pulp. The pulp is inside the tooth, and can spread abscesses if not taken care of. The pulp tissue is kept alive by blood vessels that come from the root tips and travel through the root canal into the tooth.

Rot is the main reason for the death of a tooth. When this rot reaches the pulp, it gradually eats it until it is killed. Once the pulp is dead, the toxins from the rot are released at the root tip and work their way into the jawbone. If this is not stopped, the jaw becomes infected and there are some cases in which this can end in the death of the patient.

To solve this problem, the dentist must carry out root canal treatment. During the procedure, the canal is anesthetized, then a hole is drilled in the tooth. Using various tools and equipment, the tooth is entered and nerves and dead pulp are scraped away. The procedure is very effective, although it takes quite a bit of time. It usually takes several hours, but it is the only way to stop the dead pulp and save the tooth.

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