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Today’s clients are requesting zirconia dental crowns over metal-based crowns since both zirconia and porcelain remediations provide strength and lifelike esthetics.

Because zirconia dental crowns and bridges possess outstanding esthetics and are virtually indestructible, zirconia is becoming the most popular product for making oral crowns and other restorations.

What is Zirconia?

Zirconia is a metal oxide that originated from zirconium, a metal in the titanium family, and can be found all over the world. Common home products such as tableware, pipes, and electrical fixtures are made from zirconia.

Because of its natural strength and durability, zirconia is an ideal material for oral crowns. Zirconia crowns are best for patients who require posterior crowns, which need a lot of strength for chewing and grinding food.

What is PFM?

As the name suggests, porcelain merged with metal (PFM) crowns are a combination of porcelain and metal. The porcelain overlay is color-matched to your natural teeth, however, the darker metal color could reveal at the gum line, specifically if your gums decline.

Dentists generally recommend PFM repairs for clients who want strength and a natural look.

Why Use Zirconia Dental Crowns Over PFM?

Remarkable Strength

Unlike porcelain, zirconia can stand up to wear and tear without chipping, which is why zirconia remediations tolerate extreme chewing and bruxism. Thanks to more recent monolithic zirconia (single, strong blocks of zirconia), this type of crown is nearly unbreakable and constructed to stand up to the harsh environment the back of the mouth sustains better than all-porcelain crowns.

Natural Looking Smile

Zirconia includes no metal lining at the gums. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns in fact possess a metal layer beneath the porcelain layer at the top of the crown. In addition, zirconia crowns can be manipulated to fit any size or shape to match the rest of a client’s teeth.

Dependability and Durability

Zirconia is even more long-lasting than the traditionally utilized PFM ceramics. Strong zirconia consists of more stabilizers than PFM ceramics, making it more durable to withstand strong chewing and grinding. If appropriately kept, zirconia repairs can last a patient’s lifetime.


Due to a variety of factors consisting of chemical composition and processing requirements, there are lots of ways zirconia can be manufactured to match the needs of the patient. This personalization reduces the margin for error and ensures outstanding suitability for each individual.

Safer for Patients

The high biocompatibility of zirconia will not trigger allergic reactions in patients who have allergic responses to PFM restorations. Numerous oral patients dislike the alloys used for the fabrication of PFM crowns.

If a client deals with these allergic reactions, this is a sign that zirconia needs to be used when making remediations. In reality, zirconia possesses excellent biocompatibility, making the crowns and bridges prepared from zirconia very safe for clinical use inside the mouth.

Presently, the demand for zirconia far surpasses the demand for PFMs, and these older-style restorations are ending up being a thing of the past. Our knowledgeable specialists have extensive knowledge about zirconia products utilized for remediations and are constantly prepared to discuss particular cases.

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