Fear of the dentist is a common problem, and for many, it is difficult to overcome. This prevents them from visiting the office and maintaining healthy teeth, and the key to preventing problems is avoiding them before they happen. Of course, people who are afraid of the dentist will try not to visit the dentist and that will lead to problems.

When a person with this fear finally goes to the dentist, he usually sees that problems that were small are now huge and require a lot of work and intervention from him. Believe it or not, going to the dentist is the best way to prevent dental problems such as rot and cavities while maintaining oral health.

There are techniques to overcome anxiety at the dentist, from mild sedatives (for relaxation, to and applied nasally or intravenously. With sedation, you will be calm, yet awake enough to answer the dentist’s questions.

There are people who have derived their anxiety from bad experiences. Any bad moment with the dentist can trigger a fear that can last for years. It is clear that not all dentists generate fear, but it is important in this profession to always be careful not to do so.

For more confidence, you can go to dentists recommended by your family or friends. Do not hesitate to ask what you want, to feel calm. Remember that you are the client and the dentist needs you to be relaxed in order to work. You should not feel intimidated, a good dentist will seek to make you feel confident.

Trust is key in the dentist-patient relationship. You will need to visit the dentist often, so make sure you can trust him. When you go for the first time, tell him about your fear of him. If he doesn’t want to talk about it or do something to reassure you, find someone else.

Office facilities are a good indicator that a dentist is good. The ones with many clients have nice offices, are well-established, and have proven to be the best. If you have a lot of patients, it shows you that it’s for a good reason. Those who are satisfied with the dentist’s service usually come back.

Tell your dentist about your fears and he will work to help you overcome them. In time, you will leave your fear behind and have a good relationship with your dentist. He will want to work with you for sure and before you know it, you will want to work with him too.

At Unicare Dental Center, one thing is certain: We provide oral health, the best care, and complete peace of mind. No fear!