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Invisible braces; are the new technology and it is also the most advanced today in what orthodontics represents and consists of using removable and invisible plates; being these much more comfortable than traditional brackets; because they have the exact shape of teeth. In our consultation we are interested in your smile; For this reason, we are committed to correcting problems of bad dental position that can affect aesthetics or self-esteem, with a revolutionary orthodontic method, which will allow us to go unnoticed while the teeth are progressively aligned; until you reach a spectacular smile. It is a truly invisible brace.

Depending on the treatment plan, the orthodontist delivers a set of plates to the patient approximately every 2-3 weeks; the recommended usage time is 22 hours a day. The estimated treatment time may vary for each person. Rapid Orthodontics has visible results in a third or quarter of the orthodontic treatment time; also less willingness to reduce root length and less willingness to return teeth to their pre-treatment state.

System Advantages

  • It is the most aesthetic orthodontic system, it is not noticeable, and it is discreet because the aligners are transparent.
  • It is a totally comfortable treatment, in which you do not have to deal with wires, those that bury and hurt almost inevitably during orthodontics with brackets.
  • They are made from a special bioengineered hypoallergenic plastic, making the aligners the perfect alternative for metal-rejecting patients with allergies primarily to nickel.
  • Food can be eaten without restrictions because they are removed to eat and drink.
  • They are hygienic because they allow oral hygiene (dental floss and toothbrush) to be carried out as normally since they are removable and are changed for new ones every week.
  • They allow faster treatments because the pressure is continuous.
  • It is possible to carry out any activity such as contact sports or play a wind instrument, since as I mentioned before it is withdrawn at will.

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