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If either you or your teenager needs braces, you may be questioning which option to go with clear aligners or the traditional metal braces. Both solutions can effectively adjust the teeth, but they operate in different ways and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

An Overview of Clear Aligner Braces:

Custom-made from clear, removable plastic trays, clear aligner braces such as Invisalign and Candid Clear Aligners can be used to gradually move teeth into the desired position. Every 1-2 weeks, the tray is replaced with a new one as the teeth shift.

Benefits of Wearing Clear Aligners:

  • A subtle appearance so it’s not easily seen on your teeth
  • Easy to take out for cleaning purposes and meal times
  • No metal brackets or wires that can cause discomfort in your cheeks and gums
  • May require fewer check-ups in the dental office compared to regular braces

Cons of Clear Aligners:

  • The initial cost of Invisalign is more than metal braces
  • Be dedicated to wearing the aligners for more than 22 hours each day
  • In some instances, Invisalign may not be the best choice for more substantial orthodontic corrections
  • Until you become accustomed to them, your speech may be affected.

A Look at Classic Braces:

Metal or ceramic brackets are affixed to each tooth to create traditional braces. A wire is threaded through each bracket and an orthodontist can adjust it in order to shift the teeth into the desired position. Elastic ties or bands are often utilized to direct the movement of the teeth.

Benefits of Wearing Traditional Braces:

  • Generally, an initial cost is less than clear aligners
  • More intricate corrections such as malocclusion or very crooked teeth can be treated
  • Since the brackets are affixed, there is less dependence on the patient to follow through
  • In certain cases, shorter treatment periods have been documented

Cons of Standard Braces:

  • Brackets and wires are visible on the surface of the teeth
  • Careful cleaning is necessary to avoid food getting stuck between the brackets
  • The wires and brackets may cause discomfort to lips and cheeks
  • Regular checkups are necessary to make sure the braces fit properly
  • Certain types of food should be avoided to prevent damage (i.e. sticky, hard, or crunchy foods)

What’s the Better Choice: Clear Aligners or Brackets?

It is impossible to determine which option is superior since each individual’s condition is distinct. Think about your own orthodontic needs, financial capacity, lifestyle, and preferences. Make sure to have a comprehensive dialogue with your dentist or orthodontist before you make a decision.

If the look of clear aligners appeals to you, a suitable candidate would have mild to moderate misalignment. Folks with more complex cases may see better results using traditional braces. However, technology and options for clear aligner treatment are constantly improving.

At Unicare Dental Center, we are pleased to evaluate your teeth and determine if clear aligners or traditional braces are the best option to achieve your desired smile. Our team will provide you with the pros and cons of each option so you can make an educated decision. We are devoted to helping you reach a healthy and radiant smile!

Making an investment in your oral health and looks with braces is essential. We can help you choose between clear aligner braces and classic metal braces, so you can get the right treatment plan for your situation. Taking a little time and effort will result in a beautiful smile with straight teeth. To start the process, please contact our clinic today for an initial consultation.