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You will notice that once the laser treatment is finished, your teeth are whiter than it used to be. Many people are choosing this option because of the fast result that it will bring you.

There are two ways to have your teeth whitened – ( one is done by a dentist or teeth whitening professional and it is called a professional tooth whitening system, and the other is done at home through various do-it-yourself kits.

Managing the customers’ expectations is probably the biggest area that needs to happen as some customers will expect to have white teeth like Britney Spears or Simon Cowell but this simply is unlikely to happen and most people’s teeth will get whiter but only as far as their natural color will allow. To get white bright teeth like the stars the only way is to have veneers by the dentist and these can cost a fortune and this is why laser teeth whitening is now considered a real alternative when considering teeth whitening.

The cost of this very fast laser whitening can vary based on your location with many of the larger cities being more expensive than other areas. The laser teeth whitening process can be expected to cost between 200 and 400 pounds on average for the full treatment.

Generally speaking, the price of teeth whitening increases with the number of in-office treatments required. So the more discolored the teeth, the more visits are required and the potential of a higher total cost.

Historically the only viable option for whiting teeth involved the skills of a cosmetic dentist, which was time-consuming, uncomfortable, and extremely costly.

Job interviews are good examples of where first impressions count and having a great smile combined with other factors like grooming etc will only help get that job and help you earn a fortune.
Money is not the only factor as having bright white teeth can only be good for your love life. As you get older the teeth loose their bright white look as the enamel gets thinner.

Laser teeth whitening or Zoom Whitening as it is sometimes known is a great solution for many people aspiring to have white teeth. Not only can the treatment be undertaken without the use of peroxide as many use chlorine dioxide which is a safe and legal alternative but also the treatment only takes an hour which for many is the biggest advantage of all.

The laser teeth whitening treatment is undertaken by carefully protecting gums by the use of a gum dam and then the chlorine peroxide is applied to the teeth. The laser light oxidizes the chlorine peroxide which then impregnates the enamel over the course of the hours of treatment. Once the laser has finished the dioxide is then removed and the gum dam is then taken off to reveal a great smile and wonderfully white teeth.

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