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More than 37 percent of the US population diets at any one time. Some of the most popular diet programs out there today rely on restricting or nearly eliminating the number of carbohydrates in your diet. Unfortunately, the high-protein, low-carb diet craze has brought with it a side effect: bad breath, or as it is known in the scientific community, low-carb oral malodor, or LCOM.

“This potentially embarrassing condition can be experienced sporadically or chronically and to varying degrees depending on the rigor with which the diet is followed, the prior provision for the condition, and oral hygiene,” explained Sushma Nachnani, Ph.D. from University Health Resources Group, Inc. “High-protein diets break down into this pool of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are then expelled through the breath, producing an offensive odor.”

The good news is that recent studies have shown that LCOM can be treated effectively through a good oral health routine that includes the active anti-microbial components found in products like BreathRx®, which until recently was only available through your dentist. The BreathRx® Fresh Breathing System includes the elements of brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper, and then rinsing with an alcohol-free, alcohol-free mouthwash. In clinical studies conducted by Dr. Nachnani, subjects who followed the brush, scrape, and rinse treatment regimen with BreathRx products saw improvements in a relatively short time, and subjects reported significantly fresher breath.

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