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Chronic halitosis is a condition in which a person produces an unpleasant odor from their oral or nasal regions, which cannot be eliminated through normal oral hygiene techniques, such as flossing or brushing. The occasional “morning breath” that most people experience at one point or another is not really true halitosis. Halitosis has no limits when it comes to age, sex, race, or socio-economic levels. Plus, it can be really demoralizing and negatively impact the lives of up to 50 to 80 million people in the United States alone. Because it is such an embarrassing problem, we have found that many patients are reluctant to mention their problem to their doctor or dentist.

Another unfortunate fact is that most halitosis sufferers have no idea that they have a breathing problem unless someone tells them directly. People with halitosis are known to withdraw and avoid social situations. Unfortunately, even suicide cases derived from a halitosis problem have been documented.

90% of respiratory problems are due to the growth of specific types of gram (-) anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. This has also been supported by extensive research in the field of halitosis. This proliferation is often the result of conditions such as allergies, sinus congestion or runny noses, nasal polyps, and xerostomia, which is a dry mouth condition. A common area where bacteria congregate may be on the tongue itself.

Because we rarely encounter bad breath as a result of a medical condition, we suggest that the first approach to eliminating bad breath should be an oral approach. This approach is cheaper, non-invasive, and has a much higher chance of success. We recommend that all patients maintain their dental health by seeing their dentist regularly. In the event that a chronic halitosis condition persists, despite the non-invasive oral treatments we offer, we suggest that such patients consult their physician. This is very rare, as 99% of our patients are successful, and the differential diagnosis we perform at the first appointment will quickly determine whether a chronic bad breath problem is medical or dental in origin.

It usually takes about 2 office appointments to clear a person’s halitosis condition, but we also treat patients over the phone and prescribe products that can be purchased online. At the end of the treatment, we can recommend a preventive maintenance program that prevents the reappearance of your halitosis. Recommendations are based on each individual’s breathing problem and the specific causes of their breathing condition. If the program is followed correctly, your breathing problem will not return.

There is absolutely no hassle in the treatment we offer. It is a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia or injections of any kind. In no way can our treatment cause harm or complications to a patient.

Living with bad breath is not something someone has to live with. Treatment is available and it will change your life!

If you have bad breath, see your dentist. At Unicare Dental Center we help you.

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