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Modern dentistry has improved and changed a lot in the last ten to twenty years, and this has led to new treatments being available to everyone, not just the few wealthy people who could afford them. People visit dentists for “cosmetic” dental treatment in the same way that they would visit a plastic surgeon to have their body altered or improved.

With more and more celebrities receiving cosmetic dental treatments and showcasing perfect teeth in magazines and on television, teeth whitening is one of the treatments that has grown in popularity among the young and old. Other treatments include implants, veneers, and alteration of the gum line. This article looks at the different types of teeth whitening systems and will help you evaluate which one is the best for you.

Am I good at following written instructions?
What is my budget for this treatment?
Am I looking for immediate results or a course of treatment?
Am I comfortable visiting a dentist?
Do I have minor or extensive tooth stains?

Homemade teeth whitening systems are cheaper, but they typically use a peroxide bleach-based formula, and therefore the instructions that come with them should be followed to the letter. Otherwise, the results may not be what you expected and the sensitivity of the teeth may increase.

However, if you are confident in applying the treatment yourself and are prepared to finish the entire treatment without expecting instant results, at-home teeth whitening systems can be a cost-effective way to achieve that celebrity look.

Salon or dentist-based teeth whitening systems are more expensive, but can have longer-lasting and more immediate effects. Dentists use peroxide-based formulas similar to home systems, but the effect is enhanced by the use of a laser. Laser whitening can lighten your teeth 5-6 shades on the first visit by activating the crystals within a gel, but if you have extreme discoloration, you may need to go back more than once.

The risks of laser teeth whitening are not great, and the most common side effect is increased sensitivity to cold and heat. Rubber dams are used to protect the gums when using bleach-based formulas, and this ensures that the gums are protected from the effects of the teeth whitening system.

Modern lifestyles can have a negative effect on our teeth, as drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine can stain and discolor. Teeth whitening systems are a way to instantly reverse the effects of our lifestyle, but they are not a substitute for brushing and flossing.

Either way, the best is always the most professional. So at Unicare Dental Center, we advise you with the most convenient treatment.