Brushing and using dental floss are learnings that we acquire from childhood. A correct brushing takes less than two minutes, although there are those who do it in less or more. Most adults spend less than a minute, which is not enough time to thoroughly clean their teeth. It is advised for them to have a stopwatch.

When brushing it is important to avoid excessive pressure of the brush against the teeth and gums, the correct thing to do is to make short and smooth movements. You also have to focus on hard-to-reach places, like between your teeth. The idea is to brush each and every one of the dental areas, tongue, inside of the cheeks and gums, completely.

It is also necessary to know how to choose the correct toothpaste, according to individual conditions. Some prevent pain, reduce sensitivity, prevent gingivitis, etc, and others, for example, whiten teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you which paste is right for you.

As for the brush, there are hard and soft. It can be difficult to choose with so much variety, but it is recommended to use those with soft bristles, as they are indicated so as not to hurt the gums, remove bacterial plaque and residue on the teeth. Brushes with small heads are also recommended, to facilitate reaching different areas of the mouth.

The brush should be replaced at least every two months, or when it begins to look worn. If you catch a cold, change your brush as soon as the flu passes, as the bristles are left with germs and these can make you sick again. Worn brushes can hurt your gums, so replace them once you see the bristles becoming crooked.

Taking care of your teeth is a matter of common sense and listening to your dentist. Brushing and flossing your teeth will help maintain your dental health and prevent plaque and tartar. Keep in mind that infections and cavities are really uncomfortable, but easy to prevent through brushing and flossing.

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