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A fixed dental bridge is a type of prosthesis intended to recover dental function and aesthetics. As its name suggests, dental bridges are anchored to two pillars, which can be teeth or implants, and are characterized by having pontic prostheses in the central part.

When do I need a fixed dental bridge?

Currently, we usually offer fixed dental bridges on implants to those patients who suffer from several dental absences and who want to recover their function.

Once we place the implants, if good maintenance is followed, we will avoid the process of bone reabsorption (loss), since the bone already has something to hold on to. In addition, we manage to restore the bite of our patients so that they can eat under normal conditions and the occlusal forces are distributed, maintaining long-term oral functions.

In the absence of a tooth, we will recommend placing an implant much sooner than a bridge anchored to two healthy teeth, since we should prepare them for the placement of the bridge, weakening them and going against our principle of minimal invasion and dental conservation.

When there are two contiguous dental absences, we will also recommend placing two implants so as not to make a bridge so long that it could compromise the stability of healthy teeth in the medium term.

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