Many people, unconsciously, tighten their jaws with great force, wearing out their teeth and causing headaches and neck, due to bruxism. Why do they do it? Well, it is an involuntary response to nervous tension, which in turn results in muscular tension in the malar region.

As the years go by, people may notice that there are broken corners in their teeth or even that these appear to be shorter. And so it is, the bruxism breaks and wears, in addition to affecting the bones of the jaws and the scapular muscles (neck) and cause other pains, such as migraine. So far, it is clear that nobody likes to suffer from bruxism, but how to prevent or combat it?

The first thing is to sleep in a true state of relaxation, yoga, exercise or a good muscle relaxant help a lot. In the same way, a message can bring to this area of ​​the body the relaxation necessary to facilitate sleep. Second, there are dental plates, whether acrylic or latex, for, although you can not remove the bruxism, at least the teeth do not suffer the wear it causes. However, it is necessary to think about relaxation as well as a plaque, because the latter can tempt us to bite even harder (there are those who have broken their acrylic plates and crossed from side to side the rubber ones).

Bruxism is a reflex act, which can be controlled and controlled. In Unicare we can tell you how, and integrate prevention and combating bruxism. Visit us: